3 Responses to Brian’s Recent Appearance on EWTN’s The Journey Home

  1. Michelle Wolf says:

    I record all episodes of The Journey Home, and this one episode rates right up there as the most enjoyable. I love music! My 3 brothers and I all played instruments in school, and because my father enjoyed great composers (Bach, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, etc.) and bought countless cassettes and CD’s as I grew up, my upbringing was indeed well-rounded in good music. It wasn’t, however, until my adult life (primarily when I lived in North Carolina) when I was exposed to sacred music, both in Latin and in the vernacular, that music moved my soul. Thank you, Brian, for sharing your journey to the Church and showing us all the beauty of music that can indeed bring us the truth.

    • Hi Michelle – Thanks so much for your kind comments, that really means a lot.
      Sorry its taken awhile to approve your comments, I am just getting used to having
      comments to approve! God bless you and let’s stay in touch!

  2. Tom Frenette says:

    Saw the UTube presentation and it is wonderful! See it , if you can and let Brian know about it!

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